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Generation II

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The '''second generation''' of Pokémon games, sometimes known as the '''metal generation''', is the second set of Pokémon games to be released, best described as a {{wp|sequel}} to [[Generation I]]. Among older fans of the games, it is the most acclaimed of the generations, likely owing to this fact. It is much like Generation I before it, beginning in 1999 with the Japanese paired versions release of [[Pokémon Gold and Silver]] and ending in 2001 with the third version North American release of [[Pokémon Crystal]]. This Generation also saw the release of [[Pokémon Stadium 2]].
Generation II occurs three years after the events of Generation I, and as revealed in {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, is contemporaneous with [[Generation IV]] as Generation I is with [[Generation III]].
==Advances in gameplay==