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That's actually very good reasoning. I never gave it much attention that the Red Gyarados wasn't created by the forced evolution. However, the information from the start of D/P does definitely agree - the Red Gyarados could NOT have been created by the Rockets because s/he was a legend from before the Chôji Town incident. As for FR/LG, everything about the Sevii storyarc is building towards Johto, and those electromagnetic waves are simply another part of the process. In a way, the Red Gyarados serves as another sign that Gen II is coming back. Good discerning, Unown Lord! --[[User:Kumori Satosuke|Satosuke]] 14:13, 10 February 2008 (UTC)
Couldn't it be just a shiny Gyarados in DPP, and not necessarily the one in GSC?
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