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His Pokémon team is made up of a Level 41 {{p|Sandshrew}}, Level 41 {{p|Gligar}}, Level 41 {{p|Cacnea}}, Level 40 {{p|Azumarill}}, Level 40 {{p|Sunflora}}, and a Level 42 {{p|Nosepass}}. According to one of his students, he seems to slightly favor his Nosepass over his other Pokémon.
His battle style is highly unconventional, relying on evasion-raising moves and abilities such as [[Double Team]] and [[Sand Veil]]. However, since he spendspends so much battle time raising his Pokemon's evasion rather than attacking or defending, the few attacks that do get through against him will add up over time, and only the most unlucky or low-leveled trainers should have any trouble beating him.
Justy gives out {{TM|27|Return}} to trainers who defeat him in [[Pokémon Colosseum]]. He will only fight trainers who have a complete team of six Pokémon.