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[[Image:062Katrina hoenn.jpg|thumb|230px|right|Katrina and her {{p|Mightyena}}]]
'''Katrina''' (Japanese: '''カクリ''' ''Kakuri'') is a [[character of the day]] from the {{g|[[Pokémon anime}}]] who appeared in ''[[AG011|A Bite to Remember]]''. Her English voice actress is [[Lisa Adams]] and her Japanese voice actress is 根谷美智子 ''[[Michiko Neya]]''.
Katrina is a {{OBP|Pokémon Ranger|Ranger series}} and has three {{p|Mightyena}} and a {{p|Poochyena}} that she used to protect the Pokémon reserve {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr|company}} were in. At the end of the episode, her Poochyena evolved after fighting off [[Team Rocket]].
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| align=center | [[Image:261.png]] &rarr; [[Image:262.png]]<br>{{p|Poochyena}} &rarr; {{p|Mightyena}}<br>(x4)<br>