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=='''This Userpage is NO LONGER under the tyrannical regime of the Dictatorial Bulbabot!'''==
===About Me===
Well, my online name is 1337R34P3R. I'm also known as leetreaper, leetspeak, or leet. I live in and around Boston, Massachusetts, where i go to school. I first learned about bulbapedia from DCM, whowhom i know in real life. i followed him first to the IPGL, or International Pokemon Gym League. However, the IPGL was soon absorbed by Bulbagarden, and so i integrated into BMGf. Thus, by extension, i was introduced to Bulbapedia. I use the name 1337R34P3R for just about everything, even though there seems to be more than one of me out there. I originally intended it to be as a joke, for the ultimate internet addict, but eventually the name stuck.
===Contact Info===