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The maximum number of traps allowed to be placed by a player is sixteen. If a player exceeds the sixteen, the oldest laid trap will disappear and become impossible to retrieve. Traps laid by a player usually come in two different colors: light orange, for easier and less expensive traps, and dark red, for difficult and more expensive traps. Message traps, however, come in different pastel colors to indicate which message the trap will send out.
[[Image:Underground-merchant-locations.png|thumb|300px|Location of the merchants who sell and buy traps from players.]]
It should be noted that a laid trap does not differentiate between the player that set it from any other player, so care should be taken to avoid accidently stepping in it afterwards.
When buried on the ground by a different player or a computer, one can distinguish a trap from a sphere by looking at the color of the sparkling light. As the [[Nintendo DS]]'s touch screen is touched, nearby traps will give out a white sparkling light while [[sphere]]s give out a yellow one.