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'''Miniremo Units''' are small, compact devices employed by [[Team Dim Sun]] (Andand, later, [[Team Debonairs]]) to control [[Pokémon]] in [[Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]]. They are a more modern version of the heavy and unwieldy [[Gigaremo Units]]. They resemble small laptop computers.
The Miniremo Unit was invented by {{ra|Isaac}} in a short span of time, unlike the original model, which was constructed by Altru's most intelligent scientists after years of research.
If a Ranger captures the Pokémon being controlled by a Miniremo, the Miniremo explodes, and the Pokémon are automatically released.
[[Blake Hall]] is seen terminating the production of both [[Gigaremo Units|Gigaremo]] and Miniremo units in preparation for the launch of [[Altru Tower|the Incredible Machine]], which is a Gigaremo built in the form of a gigantic tower.
*Despite the Vatonage Styler's ability to allow befriending hypnotizedofhypnotized Pokémon, Pokémon controlled by Miniremos are still released, no matter what Styler is used to capture them. This seems to extend only to [[Gigaremo Units|Gigaremo]]-controlled Pokémon.
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