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Attila and Hun both seem somewhat set in their rank, and approach missions casually. They seem to be keep their cool even when they lose. Even in these situations, they beat a calm retreat. Despite physical stereotypes, Hun is the dominant partner, telling Attila to do things that he could do himself. Attila doesn't object, or show any signs of aggravation over this role. One particular event where Attila loses his temper is when; he findsseems thatto {{jo|Marina}}take has called for help. He yells throughit herin [[PokéGear]]stride, causingeven [[Vincent]]going andso {{jo|Jimmy}}far on the other endas to nearlypoke fallfun over,at andHun's thenmore smashesserious itpersonality.
One particular event where Attila does lose his temper is when he finds that {{jo|Marina}} has used her [[PokéGear]] to call for help. He yells through it, causing [[Vincent]] and {{jo|Jimmy}} on the other end to nearly fall over, and then crushes it in his fist.
==Relations to other members==