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Appendix:Metagame terminology

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A hacked {{p|Spiritomb}} or {{p|Sableye}} with the ability {{a|Wonder Guard}}. Since {{p|Spiritomb}} and {{p|Sableye}} have no weaknesses, they can only be damaged by weather conditions, status problems, entry hazards such as {{m|Spikes}} or {{m|Stealth Rock}}, recoil moves and, curiously, the move {{m|Fire Fang}}. Note that Wonder Guard may be canceled out when the opponent has the ability {{a|Mold Breaker}}, which will cancel out the Wonder Guard ability. Also, If the opponent has {{a|Scrappy}}, or uses {{m|Odor Sleuth}} or {{m|Foresight}} a Wondereye or Wondertomb can be hit with a super effective Fighting-type attack. {{m|Gastro Acid}} is a move that will cancel this ability as well. These instances prove that Wondereyes and Wondertombs are not invincible.
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