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He was once a {{pkmn|Trainer}} like {{Ash}} who was {{g|training}} for the [[Silver Conference|Johto League]], until he came across [[Rikishii Town]] and gained interest in the [[Sumo Conference|sumo competition]].
While traveling through [[Johto]], Ash and {{ashfr|his friends}} met Raiden in Rikishii Town. He was the current [[champion]] of the town's sumo competition, and was entering again to defend his title. Ash entered the competition as well with his {{AP|Snorlax}}.
Eventually, the two ended up facing each other in the final round of the tournament. Raiden was using his {{p|Feraligatr}}, who had helped him reach victory in the previous year's competition. However, the {{type2|Water}} was no match for Ash's Snorlax, who ended up defeating the champion and winning a {{DL|Evolution-inducing held item|King's Rock}}.
Although he lost, Raiden wasn't upset. He was happy to have faced Ash and congratulated him on his victory.
*Raiden is one name of the Japanese god of thunder and lightning.