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Soon, both Ash and Raiden manages to make it to the semi-finals. The two matches are Raiden's Feraligatr fights Blastoise while Ash's Snorlax fights {{p|Machamp}}. While Feraligatr wins in a very close match and combat, once again Ash's Snorlax makes an easy win by Snorlax's stomach, much to Ash's surprise. Raiden congratulates Ash for making it to the finals but he won't go easy on him just because he's a nice kid. Shonosuke tells Ash that he should be proud of himself that Ash is the first rookie who reaches to the finals. He even tells them that finals is next and tells them to give it their best.
The Finals begins between Raiden's Feraligatr and Ash's Snorlax. Snorlax makes its first move but Feraligatr dodges it. Snorlax manage to retain his balance and manage to avoid Feraligatr's attack. Raiden is immediately shocked and impressed with how agile Snorlax is. Both of them makes andan impressive move but as Feraligatr was pushing Snorlax out of the ring, Ash manages to tell Snorlax to take a deep breath, using his stomach to push Feraligatr out, saving Snorlax from being out of the ring. Feraligatr manage to toss Snorlax out of the ring but Snorlax manage to stand on a ground with a huge impact, causing the ground and the stadium to shake. Because of that, Feraligatr loses its balance and Snorlax manages to push it out of a ring, winning the match and the competition. Misty and Brock are happy that Ash wins, even though Misty was sad that Feraligatr lost.
The prize-giving ceremony begins as Ash was presented a King's Rock and a one year supply of Pokémon food. Happily, Snorlax rushes towards it, eats the entire supply of Pokémon food and goes to sleep. The gang was glad that they don't have to carry the supply with them and Ash returns Snorlax into his Poké Ball. Ash decides to send back his Snorlax from Professor Oak and get back his Noctowl since he can't feed him that much. Both Raiden and Ash shake hands and Raiden wishes him good luck on all his Johto League matches.