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I Keep My Home In My Heart

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Lyrics: differing the regular speech from the singing
<ab>'''Misty:''' ''Brock, what's wrong? Aren't you having a good time?''
'''Brock:''' ''Oh, sure Misty''.
'''Misty:''' ''Then, come back inside and join the party''.
'''Brock:''' ''I will in a second''.
'''Misty:''' ''Brock, are you... crying?''
'''Brock:''' ''No, it's just... cold out here, and I'm...''
'''Misty:''' ''And you're what?''
I keep [[Pewter Gym|my home]] in my heart.''
'''Misty:''' ''I know how you feel Brock.''
'''Brock:''' ''You do?''
'''Misty:''' ''Sure. I love it here, but... I miss [[Cerulean City]] a little too.''