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* An anime remix of [[Route 27]]'s music can be heard at the end of the episode.
* The {{game|Red and Blue|s}} introduction music is used as background music for the next episode preview.
* The "Giant-Boulder-Rolling-Down-A-Narrow-Corridor" routine from the first Indiana Jones movie, ''{{wp|Raiders of the Lost Ark}}'' is seen twice in this episode, with a Pikachu and a Smoochum in place of a fertility idol.
* The original intended to make a pun by having Pokémon show themselves to Team Rocket that have similar names to Ho-Oh. These Pokémon included Poppo (Pidgey), Hoho (Hoothoot), and Bohmander (Salamance). This joke would not make sense in the English dub since most of the names sound nothing like Ho-Oh.