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Pikachu (Wizards Promo 26)

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*This card is commonly known as ''Snap Pikachu'', in reference that the character image is a photo from [[Pokémon Snap]]. The Japanese print has a camera graphic where an expansion symbol would usually be to highlight this. It also shares this with 10 other Japanese promotional cards that would later be released through Pokémon Snap contests in Spring 1999.
*ThisThe isJapanese theprint onlyis Pokémonglossy, cardwhereas tothe havesubsequent "Photo."contest insteadpromos ofand "Illus."English whereprint theare illustratoron namenormal is traditionallycard placedstock.
*This is the only English Pokémon card to have "Photo." instead of "Illus." where the illustrator name is traditionally placed.