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Evasion stages/modifiers?
What's the maximum % of evasion a PKMN can have? (I.e. 6 uses of Double Team, Bright Powder and Hail/Sandstorm ability bonus.)
Firstly, do the items/abilities stack with each other and DTstages linearly or diminishingly?
If linearly, it will be 96.67%: 6x6 DTstages (9/3 multiplier) = 66.67% evasion + 20% from ability boost + 10% from Bright Powder
If diminishingly with DTstages only, it's 76.67%: 66.67% from 6x DT + 6.67%{{tt|*|(100-66.67)×0.2)}} from ability boost + 3.33%{{tt|*|(100-66.67)×0.1)}} from Bright Powder
Or if diminishingly with each other AND DTstages, it's around 75~76%, depending on whether the item or ability is accounted for first.
- [[User:Solarys|Solarys]] 06:01, 23 May 2009 (UTC)