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In the anime
{{Infobox location
|image=HGSS Sprout towerTower-{{#switch: {{#time: G}}|4|5|6|7|8|9=Morning|10|11|12|13|14|15|16=Day|17|18|19=Evening|20|21|22|23|0|1|2|3=Night}}.png
|mapdesc=A tower where they study diligently to learn to live with Pokémon.
|location_name=Sprout Tower
|location=[[Violet City]]
|generation={{gen|II}}, {{gen|IV}}
'''Sprout Tower''' (Japanese: '''マダツボミのとう''' ''{{tt|Madatsubomi|Bellsprout}} Tower'') is a large pagoda located in [[Violet City]] in [[Johto]]. The tower itself is over 100 feet tall and is held together by a giant flexible pillar that shakes from side to side. This flexibility protects the tall tower from earthquakes and symbolizes the battles that are occurring on upper floors. This technology is now known as [[jwp:柔構造|柔構造]] ''jūkōzō'', and applied to hundreds of modern high-rise buildings. Legend has it that a 100-foot-tall {{p|Bellsprout}} was used to make the swaying pillar. It is inhabited by monks who study diligently and teach that all living beings coexist through cooperation. These monks primarily train {{p|Bellsprout}}, andbut occasionally use {{p|Hoothoot}} as well.
As trainers battle, the flexible pagoda shakes from side to side. This flexibility protects the tall tower from earthquakes. This technology is now known as [[jwp:柔構造|柔構造]] ''jūkōzō'', and applied to hundreds of modern high-rise buildings. Legend has it that a 100 foot Bellsprout was used to make the swaying pillar.==Geography==
[[File:Sprout Tower HGSS.png|thumb|left|200px|Sprout Tower in Generation IV]]
[[File:Sprout Tower GSC.png|thumb|right|Sprout Tower in Generation II]]
Sprout Tower is a three-tiered tower with multiple eaves. Like the [[Bell Tower]] and the [[Burned Tower]], it is constructed solely out of wood, creating a multi-story effect. The design of Sprout Tower is inspired by Buddhist temples in the Nara Prefecture of Japan, such as {{wp|Kōfuku-ji}} and {{wp|Hōryū-ji}} temples. Before the tower is a beautiful lake in the center of Violet City, hosting a couple of modern bridges that stretch across the water. Sprout Tower is dedicated to the gentle and peaceful nature of {{p|Bellsprout}}. The giant spine-like pillar located in the center of the tower acts as a support for the old tower structure, and it even protects the tall tower from sudden earthquakes. It is said that the main swaying pillar was, in fact, once a 100-foot-tall Bellsprout.
AsSprout Tower is three stories tall. The ground floor is for tourists, who come to see the unique style in which the tower is built. There are two upper levels, which are dedicated to Pokémon training. There, monks study diligently, train their gentle {{p|Bellsprout}}, and come to learn that all living beings coexist through cooperation. The monks of the tower train {{p|Bellsprout}}, each having at least one in his [[party]]; others have occasionally trained {{p|Hoothoot}} as well. The upper floors are also riddled with {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Rattata}} that inhabit the wooden pillars and columns; as night falls, ghosts are said to appear in the tower, in the form of {{p|Gastly}}.
TheIn designthe ofgames, Sproutwhen Towerthe is{{player}} inspiredfirst encounters the Elder, [[Li]], he has just been defeated by Buddhist{{ga|Silver}}, templeswho inuses an [[Escape Rope]] to exit the Naratower Prefectureeasily. ofAfter Japandefeating the Elder, suchthe player will receive {{m|Flash}}, asan [[wp:Kofukuji|KofukujiHM]] in [[Generation II]] and a [[wp:Horyuji|HoryujiTM]] templesin [[Generation IV]].
* {{DLitlisth|Status ailment healing item|Parlyz Healbuilding}}
*{{Itemlist|Paralyze Heal|1F, in the east area of the floor, accessible from 2F|G=yes|S=yes|C=yes|HG=yes|SS=yes|display=[[XParalyze Heal|Parlyz DefendHeal]]}}
*{{Itemlist|X Defense|2F, in the northwest area of the floor, accessible from 1F|G=yes|S=yes|display=[[PotionX Defense|X Defend]]}}
*{{Itemlist|X [[EscapeAccuracy|2F, Rope]]in the northwest area of the floor, accessible from 1F|C=yes|HG=yes|SS=yes}}
* {{HMItemlist|05Potion|Flash}}:3F, Giftwest afterof defeatingthe Sageladder Lito 2F|G=yes|S=yes|C=yes|HG=yes|SS=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Escape Rope|3F, east of Li|G=yes|S=yes|C=yes|HG=yes|SS=yes}}
{{Itemlist|HM Normal|3F, gift from {{tc|Sage}} Li after defeating him|G=yes|S=yes|C=yes|display={{HM|05|Flash}}}}
{{Itemlist|TM Normal|3F, gift from Elder Li after defeating him|HG=yes|SS=yes|display={{TM|70|Flash}}}}
{{catchableheader|road}}===Generation II===
{{catchentry2Catch/div|019building|Rattata|yes|yes|yes|2F, 1F-3F|3-6|100%}}
{{catchentry2Catch/entry2|019|Rattata|yes|yes|yes|2F, 1F-3F|3-5|0%|0%|15%}}
{{catchentry2Catch/entry2|092|Gastly|yes|yes|yes|2F, 1F-3F|3-6|0%|0%|85%|type1=Ghost|type2=Poison}}
===Generation IV===
[[Image:GSC===Generation Sage.png|left]]II===
'''[[Sage]] Nico'''{{Trainerheader|building}}
*{{pTrainerentry|Bellsprout}}Spr levelGS Sage.png|Sage|Nico|96|3 |069|Bellsprout||3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|36=チンネン|37=Chinnen}}
*{{pTrainerdiv|Bellsproutbuilding}} level 3 ♂
*{{pTrainerentry|Bellsprout}}Spr levelGS Sage.png|Sage|Chow|96|3 |069|Bellsprout||3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|36=モクネン|37=Mokunen}}
**Winnings: {{PDollarTrainerdiv|building}}96
<br>{{Trainerentry|Spr GS Sage.png|Sage|Edmond|96|3|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|36=エイソウ|37=Eisō}}
[[Image:GSC Sage.png{{Trainerdiv|left]]building}}
'''[[Sage]]{{Trainerentry|Spr Chow'''GS Sage.png|Sage|Jin|192|1|069|Bellsprout|♂|6|None|36=ソウネン|37=Sōnen}}
*{{pTrainerdiv|Bellsproutbuilding}} level 3 ♂
*{{pTrainerentry|Bellsprout}}Spr level 3GS Sage.png|Sage|Neal|192|1|069|Bellsprout||6|None|36=カクネン|37=Kakunen}}
*{{pTrainerdiv|Bellsproutbuilding}} level 3 ♂
**Winnings: {{PDollarTrainerentry|Spr GS Sage.png|Sage|Troy|224|2|069|Bellsprout|♂|7|None|163|Hoothoot|♂|7|None|36=カイネン|37=Kainen}}96
[[Image:GSC Sage.png|left]]
'''[[Sage]] Edmond'''{{Party/Single
*|color={{p|Bellsproutgrass color}} level 3 ♂
*|headcolor={{p|Bellsproutgrass color light}} level 3 ♂
*|bordercolor={{p|Bellsproutpoison color dark}} level 3 ♂
**Winnings:|sprite=Spr {{PDollar}}96GS Sage.png
[[Image:GSC Sage.png|left]]class=Sage
'''[[Sage]] Jin'''|name={{color2|000000|Li}}
*{{p|Bellsprout}} level 6 ♂game=GSC
**Winnings:|location=Sprout {{PDollar}}192Tower
[[Image:GSC Sage.png|left]]{{Pokémon/2
'''[[Sage]] Neal'''|game=Crystal
*{{p|Bellsprout}}ndex=069 level 6 ♂
**Winnings: {{PDollar}}192|pokemon=Bellsprout
[[Image:GSC Sage.png|left]]level=7
'''[[Sage]] Troy'''|type1=Grass|type2=Poison
*{{p|Bellsprout}}move1=Vine level 7 ♂Whip|move1type=Grass
*{{p|Hoothootmove2=Growth|move2type=Normal}} level 7 ♂
**Winnings: |{{PDollar}}224Pokémon/2
[[Image:GSC Sage.png|left]]ndex=069
'''[[Sage]] Li'''|pokemon=Bellsprout
*{{p|Bellsprout}} level 7 ♂gender=male
*{{p|Hoothoot}} level 10 ♂=7
*{{p|Bellsprout}} level 7 ♂type1=Grass|type2=Poison
**Winnings:|move1=Vine {{PDollar}}320Whip|move1type=Grass
After defeating Sage Li, players receive |{{HM|05|Flash}}.Pokémon/2
===Generation IV===
{{Trainerentry|Spr HGSS Sage.png|Sage|Nico|144|3|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|36=チンネン|37=Chinnen}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr HGSS Sage.png|Sage|Chow|144|3|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|36=モクネン|37=Mokunen}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr HGSS Sage.png|Sage|Edmond|144|3|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|069|Bellsprout|♂|3|None|36=エイソウ|37=Eisō}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr HGSS Sage.png|Sage|Jin|288|1|069|Bellsprout|♂|6|None|36=ソウネン|37=Sōnen}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr HGSS Sage.png|Sage|Neal|288|1|069|Bellsprout|♂|6|None|36=カクネン|37=Kakunen}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr HGSS Sage.png|Sage|Troy|336|2|069|Bellsprout|♂|7|None|163|Hoothoot|♂|7|None|36=カイネン|37=Kainen}}
|color={{grass color}}
|headcolor={{grass color light}}
|bordercolor={{poison color dark}}
|sprite=Spr HGSS Li.png
|location=Sprout Tower
|move1=Vine Whip|move1type=Grass|move1cat=Physical
|move1=Vine Whip|move1type=Grass|move1cat=Physical
{| class="roundy" style="margin:auto; background: #000; border: 3px solid #{{Locationcolor/dark|building}}"
! style="background:#{{Locationcolor/light|building}}; {{roundytl|5px}}" | Version
! style="background:#{{Locationcolor/light|building}}" | 1F
! style="background:#{{Locationcolor/light|building}}" | 2F
! style="background:#{{Locationcolor/light|building}}; {{roundytr|5px}}" | 3F
! style="background:#{{gold color}}" | {{color2|000|Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions|Gold}}
| rowspan="2" | [[File:Sprout Tower 1F GS.png|180px]]
| rowspan="2" | [[File:Sprout Tower 2F GS.png|180px]]
| rowspan="2" | [[File:Sprout Tower 3F GS.png|180px]]
! style="background:#{{silver color}}" | {{color2|000|Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions|Silver}}
! style="background:#{{crystal color}}" | {{color2|000|Pokémon Crystal Version|Crystal}}
| [[File:Sprout Tower 1F C.png|180px]]
| [[File:Sprout Tower 2F C.png|180px]]
| [[File:Sprout Tower 3F C.png|180px]]
! style="background:#{{heartgold color}}" | {{color2|000|Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|HeartGold}}
| rowspan="2" | [[File:Sprout Tower 1F HGSS.png|180px]]
| rowspan="2" | [[File:Sprout Tower 2F HGSS.png|180px]]
| rowspan="2" | [[File:Sprout Tower 3F HGSS.png|180px]]
! style="background:#{{soulsilver color}}" | {{color2|000|Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|SoulSilver}}
| colspan="4" style="background:#{{Locationcolor/light|building}}; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | &nbsp;
==[[Location preview|Preview]]==
File:HGSS Sprout Tower-Morning.png|Morning (Rattata)
File:HGSS Sprout Tower-Day.png|Day/Evening (Rattata)
File:HGSS Sprout Tower-Night.png|Night (Gastly)
==Walking Pokémon effects==
When interacting with [[walking Pokémon]] in {{v2|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, the Pokémon may occasionally show an altered mood specific to this location.
*{{p|Bellsprout}} sways and dances around in a strange manner.
*All walking Pokémon, including Bellsprout, become happy from dancing around the swaying pillar. They are also concerned about the pillar, sniff at the floor while being surprised by the sound it is making, and sometimes slip while seeming likely to fall over.
==In the anime==
[[File:Sprout Tower anime.png|thumb|250px|Sprout Tower in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
The Sprout Tower appeared in ''[[EP130|A Bout with Sprout]]'', where {{Ash}}, {{ashfr}}, and the students of [[Earl Dervish|Earl]]'s [[Pokémon academy]] visited it. {{TRT}} tried to steal the tower by cutting its support beam and attaching a rocket to it, but they were stopped by [[Zackie]] and his newly-{{pkmn2|caught}} {{p|Bellsprout}}.
==In the manga==
[[File:Sprout Tower Adventures.png|thumb|200px|Sprout Tower in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
The Sprout Tower (referred to as the "Bellsprout Pagoda" in the [[Chuang Yi]] translation) appeared in ''[[PS097|Bellsprout Rout]]'' and ''[[PS098|Totodile Rock]]'', where {{adv|Gold}} went there to search for {{adv|Silver}}. Along the way, he encountered a group of six {{tc|Sage}}s and defeated their {{p|Bellsprout}} using [[Exbo]]. Gold then found Silver and challenged him to a battle. However, during the battle, Exbo's {{m|Smokescreen}} triggered a hidden boulder trap, forcing the two Trainers to team up to stop it. Afterwards, both of them escaped the tower, with Silver's {{p|Totodile}} evolving into {{TP|Silver|Croconaw}} in the process.
==In the TCG==
The Sprout Tower was featured in the {{Trading Card Game}}. The following is a list of cards named '''Sprout Tower'''.
{{cardlist/header|Sprout Tower|Trainer|char=yes}}
{{cardlist/entry|cardname={{TCG ID|Neo Genesis|Sprout Tower|97}}|type=Trainer|type2=Stadium|enset=Neo Genesis|enrarity=Uncommon|ennum=97/111|jpset=Gold, Silver, to a New World...|jprarity=Uncommon}}
* It is actually possible to use {{m|Dig}} to escape from Sprout Tower—even the top floor—and return to the entrance; this is because, as can be seen from the in-battle background used in [[Generation IV]], Sprout Tower is classified as a cave area, rather than a building, likely to allow wild Pokémon to be found. This is also the case with the [[Bell Tower]] and [[Burned Tower]].
** Due to this, unlike other buildings, {{p|Burmy}} will take on its Sandy Cloak, rather than its Trash Cloak, if it battles here.
* During the development of [[Super Smash Bros. Melee]], [[Masahiro Sakurai]] had plans for a Sprout Tower stage but this was scrapped very early in development.<ref>[ Sakurai discussing content for Super Smash Bros. Melee while it was still in development]</ref>
==In other languages==
* '''Spanish:''' ''Torre Bellsprout''{{Langtable|color={{locationcolor/light|building}}|bordercolor={{locationcolor/dark|building}}
*|zh_cmn=喇叭芽之塔 '''Italian:''' ''TorreLǎbāyá-zhī Sprout''
*|nl=Bellsprout '''German:''' ''Knofensaturm''Toren
* '''French:''' ''Tour Chétiflor''|fi=Sprout-torni
|fr_eu=Tour Chétiflor
|it=Torre Sprout
|ko=모다피의 탑 ''Modapi-yi Tap''
|pl=Wieża Wahania/Wieża Wahań
|pt_br=Torre Sprout
|es_eu=Torre Bellsprout
|vi=Tháp Madatsubomi
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[[es:Torre Bellsprout]]
[[fr:Tour Chétiflor]]
[[it:Torre Sprout]]