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===Notable Pokémon In the Games===
'''In my [[Pokémon SilverPlatinum]] version:'''
|LV1=Lv. 100
|M1P1={{m|Leaf Storm}}
|M3P1={{m|Giga Drain}}
|LV2=Lv. 100
|HI2=Soft Sand
|M2P2={{m|Hydro Cannon}}
|M3P2={{m|Hammer Arm}}
|LV3=Lv. 100
|HI3=Rose Incense
|M1P3={{m|Frenzy Plant}}
|M2P3={{m|Sleep Powder}}
|M3P3={{m|Petal Dance}}
|M4P3={{m|Razor Leaf}}
|LV4=Lv. 100
|HI4=Mystic Water
|M1P4={{m|Hydro Pump}}
|M2P4={{m|Hydro Cannon}}
|M3P4={{m|Aqua Tail}}
|M4P4={{m|Ice Beam}}
|LV5=Lv. 100
|M1P5={{m|Shadow Claw}}
|LV6=Lv. 100
|M2P6={{m|Dragon Pulse}}
|M3P6={{m|Heat Wave}}
|M4P6={{m|Blast Burn}}
In Platinum, my normal team
|LV1=Lv. 57
|HI1=Amulet Coin
|M1P1={{m|Grass Knot}}
|M2P1={{m|Giga Drain}}
|LV2=Lv. 50
|HI2=Mind Plate
|M2P2={{m|Future Sight}}
|M4P2={{m|Last Resort}}
|LV3=Lv. 47
|M1P3={{m|Bone Rush}}
|M2P3={{m|Aura Sphere}}
|M3P3={{m|Close Combat}}
|LV4=Lv. 44
|M1P4={{m|Shock Wave}}
|M4P4={{m|Thunder Fang}}
|LV5=Lv. 39
|HI5=King's Rock
|M3P5={{m|Close Combat}}
|M4P5={{m|Aerial Ace}}
|LV6=Lv. 36
|HI6=Wise Glasses
|M2P6={{m|Hyper Beam}}
That is the team that got me throught the Elite Four the first time.
And my first ever team, in [[Pokémon Silver|Silver]]
|LV2=Lv. 78
|HI2=NoneSoft Sand
|M2P2={{m|Hyper Beam}}
|LV3=Lv. 70
|M1P3={{m|Zap Cannon}}
|LV5=Lv. 57
|HI5=NoneSharp Beak
|M2P5={{m|Steel Wing}}
|M4P6={{m|Hyper Beam}}
First, a few things about me:
#My name is a typo; it was supposed to be "SilverMetalthatisGold"