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*Because there is no indent on Pikachu's tail, many cite this as proof that it is indeed male. Others disagree, noting Pikachu is from [[Kanto]] (which has not yet been shown to have Pikachu with indented tails in the games besides by transferring a Pikachu from {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}} to Generation IV through Pal Park), and was introduced during the time of the [[Generation I]] games, before gender itself was even known for any Pokémon.
**In a recap of [[EP001|the first episode]] in [[EP002|Pokemon Emergency!]], the narrator states that Pikachu "left '''his''' fate in Ash's hands. DubHowever this happens only in the dub.
** Some also cite a crush that [[Dawn's Buneary]], who is female, has on Pikachu as proof.
** Also, Ash has, on several occasions, referred to his Pikachu as his "buddy".