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Does anwa have a better one wih less glare?[[User:DCM|<font color="#FF1111">DCM</font>]]<sub>[[User talk:DCM|((<font color="#DAA520">曲奇饼妖怪</font>]]</sub><sub>[[Special:Contributions/DCM|<font color="#C0C0C0">Spy on My Edits</font>))]]</sub>
== Special Editions ==
Other than the first two links for the special edition gameboy colours being dead, i think there's an error.
I own the "Game Boy Color: Pokémon 3rd Anniversary - in White (Japan only)" based on the link (same box, same deisgn, same date). It is not white (neither mine or the one shown at the link) though, and is actually more fitting of the description of "A gold faded to silver GBC that was decorated with Pokémon from the Gold and Silver edition game packs was released in 2001 to celebrate the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver, it retailed for $99.99 USD" except that it was released in 1999, not 2001 and was Japanese only as it was a pokemon centre release. I've never heard of a release of this one in the US or elsewhere. :S
Either the link provided for the white one is wrong, and should apply to the gold and silver one (having both a jap and us release), or as i suspect, there never was a white one or a us release of the gold and silver one. --[[User:Zeal|<span title="Zeal" style="color:#90C">'''Zeal'''</span>]]&nbsp;<sup>[[User talk:Zeal|<span title="Talk" style="color:#999">T</span>]]&nbsp;/&nbsp;[[Special:Contributions/Zeal|<span title="Contributions" style="color:#999">C</span>]]</sup> 20:12, 8 May 2009 (UTC)