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Celebi (Pokémon)

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It may be based on a {{wp|fairy}} or {{wp|dryad}}.
====Name origin====
Celebi's name may be a combination of ''{{wp|celestial}}'' and ''being''. Celebi's Japanese name may be taken to be a combination of the English ''serenity'' and the Japanese ''bii'', which translates to ''beautiful''. It may also come from ''{{wp|celery}}'', due to the fact that Celebi is a Grass-type. It is interesting to note the similarity between "Celebi" and "telebi", the Japanese word for "television". Its name may have even originated from disco artist Celi Bee, and quite possibly, the Spanish word for onion, ''cebolla'', since Celebi's head is shaped and looks slightly like an onion. Its name could have also originated from the island "Celebes" in Indonesia.
==In other languages==