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Heavy rain
===Heavy rain===
[[Image:Rainy Battle.png|thumb|right|Battling in heavy rain]]
* '''Effect:''' Increases the power of {{type2|Water}} moves by 50%, weakens the power {{type2|Fire}} moves by 50%, weakens {{m|SolarBeam}}, raises accuracy ofallows {{m|Thunder}} to 100%,bypass andaccuracy allowscheck itand to hit through {{m|Protect}} and {{m|Detect}} 25% of the time. Causes {{m|Moonlight}}, {{m|Synthesis}}, and {{m|Morning Sun}} to recover 1/4 of max HP. Activates the following [[Ability|abilities]]: {{a|Dry Skin}}, {{a|Forecast}}, {{a|Hydration}}, {{a|Rain Dish}}, {{a|Swift Swim}}. Changes {{m|Weather Ball}} to a Water-type move and doubles its power, and {{p|Castform}} to its Rain form. Also prevents Pokémon from exploding in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon]]. Can be lengthened from 5 to 8 turns with the use of the Damp Rock.
* '''Activating move:''' {{m|Rain Dance}}
* '''Activating ability:''' {{a|Drizzle}}