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'''Skrub''' (Japanese: '''コワップ''' ''Kowap'') is a [[Cipher Peon]] that appears in [[Pokémon Colosseum]]. He is dressed uniquely as compared to most other male Cipher Peons. His uniform is gray rather than the normal light blue and he wears a blue neckerchief. His helmet is also a different shape to the others. He is initially assigned to the command of [[Cipher Admin]] [[Dakim]], who sends him to [[Agate Village]] to destroy the [[Relic Stone]] under the advisement of fellow Cipher Admin [[Ein]], as the Relic Stone had the potential to disrupt Cipher's [[Shadow Pokémon]] scheme. Skrub was put in command of three other Cipher Peons for the mission.
There, he encounters [[Wes]] and is defeated by him, having his shadow {{p|Hitmontop}} snagged in the process. He flees and is encountered again at [[Mount Battle]] after Wes has defeated Dakim. The Cipher Admin orders Skrub to report to the [[Shadow Pokémon Laboratory]] to directly assist Ein.