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[[Image:Naps.png|150px|right|thumb|Naps wants to battle!]]
'''Naps''' is a [[Cipher]] peon from [[Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness]]. He is the first Cipher peon [[Michael]] fights in XD. He is brother to the Cipher Admin [[Lovrina]]. His first appearance is at the [[Pokémon HQ Lab]], where together with two other Cipher peons, he attempts to kidnap [[Professor Krane]]. With Krane's guidance, Michael snags a [[shadow Pokémon|shadow]] {{p|Teddiursa}} from Naps. Naps and the other two peons then take off in a truck with Krane, bound for the [[Shadow Pokémon Laboratory]]. In this battle his title is "Spy" rather than Peon.
The next time Michael runs into Naps is at the Laboratory, where Prof. Krane is trying to convince him to leave Cipher. Michael battles him in order to save Krane. After that, he tells Krane that he is still loyal to Cipher no matter what Krane says to him, and runs off.