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Hexagon Brothers

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he has a seedot, not a shroomish
The '''Hexagon Brothers''' are a team of six [[Cipher Peon]]s in {{Pokémon XD}}. They are named '''Resix''', '''Blusix''', '''Greesix''', '''Purpsix''', '''Yellosix''' and '''Browsix'''. They are dressed in the colors of their names, specialize in a different type of Pokémon, and have a [[Shadow Pokémon]] of the corresponding type. The types are {{t|Fire}}, {{t|Water}}, {{t|Grass}}, {{t|Poison}}, {{t|Electric}} and {{t|Ground}}, and the Pokémon are {{p|Houndour}}, {{p|Spheal}}, {{p|ShroomishSeedot}}, {{p|Gulpin}}, {{p|Mareep}} and {{p|Baltoy}}, accordingly. They have their own motto, in which they count all of them. This adds humor to the game, as they always somehow mess up their counting (e.g.having the first person not count, or going around again after six). They appear at the [[Shadow Pokémon Laboratory]] and at [[Phenac City]] (disguised as the "[[Justy]] Gang").