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Cute (condition)

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The '''Cute Contest''' is one of five different [[Pokémon Contest]] categories, the other four being [[Beauty Contest|Beauty]], [[Smart Contest|Smart]], [[Cool Contest|Cool]] and [[Tough Contest|Tough]]. Pokémon that are fed Sweet [[Pokéblock]]s or [[Poffin]] will have an enhanced Cute condition; this can be assisted with the {{DL|Scarf|Pink Scarf}}. Most Cute moves are {{t|Normal}}, {{t|Psychic}}, and {{type2|Water}}s, althoughbut somemany other types of moves are {{t|Flying}}Cute andas {{t|Ground}}well. Cute moves often involve moves that Pokémon learn early in their movesets and/or are not effective in battle, such as {{m|Tail Whip}}, {{m|Assist}}, {{m|Water Gun}} and {{m|Growl}}. During a Cute Contest, the following moves will excite the crowd:
*'''[[Beauty Contest|Beauty moves]]''' - Average