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**Some moves explode when they clearly cannot, such as a {{m|Bite}} attack.
* Ash and his friends seem to have an unlimited amount of space in their bags or pockets, especially Brock, from a sleeping bag to the things he uses to cook.
**In one episode, TracyTracey brings out around 40–50 sketch books to show Professor Oak and then put them back in the same bag that they should not have fit into in the first place.
* Very often, Pokémon will be affected by [[Move|moves]] they would be immune to, due to their type, according to the games. The is shown a lot when [[Ash's Pikachu]] fights a {{type2|Ground}} Pokémon, it uses an {{type2|Electric}} move and it works well.
** {{TP|Ash|Pikachu}}'s electric attacks fluctuate between being able to affect {{type2|Ground}} Pokémon (such as [[EP005|Brock's Onix]] and [[AG016|Roxanne's Geodude]]) and having no effect at all (such as [[Spell of the Unown|Lisa's Quagsire]], [[AG096|Rocky's Quagsire]] and [[The Rise of Darkrai|Maurice's Torterra]]). The anime's explanation for this is that ever since [[EP005|Pikachu received a power up]], it has enough power to override the immunity. However, no matter how much power it has, it shouldn't be able to affect ground types.