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Brodie looks an awful lot like cats...
Brodie was a member of [[Team Magma]] before its dissolution, after which he became known as "Brodie The Phantom Thief". He is also known as "The Man of a Thousand Faces". He is known to disguise himself in order to get his goals accomplished.
[[Image:Brodie.jpg|left|thumb|200px230px|BrodieAll holding theyour [[Ribbon Cup]] are belong to us.]]
In ''[[AG083|Unfair Weather Friends]]'', Brodie disguised himself as [[Millie]], a scientist at the [[Weather Institute]] who was supposed to be collecting data on {{p|Groudon}}. [[Team Aqua]] was trying to steal the data, and they did not know that Millie was really Brodie in disguise. He revealed himself when [[Shelly]] threatened to harm [[Bart]] and the other scientists at the Institute. After revealing who he was, Brodie flew away with the information on the [[legendary Pokémon]] that was in the institute.