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Villa furniture

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Not True I have 4 Silver prints and the other Bust was already there for me
{{vdec|decor=Piano|price=146,700|notes=Plays "Champion Cynthia" when examined.<br>[[Cynthia]] visits when this is purchased.|avl=Defeat the [[Elite Four]] ten times.}}
{{vdec|decor=Pokémon Bust|price=150,000|avl=Obtain a Silver [[commemorative print|print]] from the {{si|Battle Frontier}}.}}
{{vdec|decor=Pokémon Bust|price=150,000|avl=Obtain all ten prints from the Battle Frontier.}}
{{vdec|decor=Guest Set|price=208,000|avl=Defeat 50 {{pkmn|Trainer}}s at the [[Battleground]].}}
{{vdec|decor=Wall Clock|price=52,000|avl=Plant 50 [[Berries]].}}