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Villa furniture

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{{vdec|decor=Night Table|price=140,000|desc=A small night table for the bedside.}}
{{vdec|decor=Audio System|price=160,000|desc=An audio system that maximally draws out the charms of music.|notes=Plays a remix of [[Lilycove City]]'s theme<br> when looked at.}}
{{vdec|decor=BookshlefBookshelf|price=150,000|desc=The shelves are lined with books left by Prof. Rowan.|notes=[[Professor Rowan]] comes <br>when this is bought.}}
{{vdec|decor=Rack|price=127,000|desc=An enchanting rack without anything on it.}}
{{vdec|decor=Houseplant|price=120,000|desc=All houseplants give off the fragrance of life.}}
{{vdec|decor=PC Desk|price=168,000|desc=A thin-bodied PC made for the design conscious.}}
{{vdec|decor=Music Box|price=50,000|desc=A handmade music box with a soothing melody.}}
{{vdec|decor=Piano|price=146,700|notes=Plays music before battling [[Cynthia]]<br>when looked at.}}
{{vdec|decor=Pokémon Bust|price=150,000}}
{{vdec|decor=Guest Set|price=208,000}}