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Hello,NOW Peeps!MY Mmmm...STUPID Peeps. OhBROTHER! Whoops... Well, anyway, I'm Alec9. I like this site a lot. I'm a friend of [[User:Pachirisulover12|Pachirisulover12]].GO ♥ISUCK loveA GalladeCOCK!
My brother is [[User:Nathan96|Nathan96]] (I call him Dork). My cat's names are [[Dusty]] and [[Ben]], and my dog is named [[Gabby]]
[[User:Alec9|<font color="11bb11">''alec'''9'''''</font>]] [[Special:Contributions/Alec9|<font color="6890f0">*</font>]] <small> [[User talk:Alec9|<font color="000000">-</font>]] </small> [[Gallade (Pokémon)|<font color="6890f0">*</font>]]
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Image:Luxray anime.png|Luxray can be so over-protective.
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Image:EP106error.jpg|Do Tracey and Togepi have some kind of diseases?!?