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{{CharacterInfobox|Hi, everyone. I'm Pachirisufucker12 and I wuv u! Why don't you come over to my house and have some fun!
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age=yes |
years=13 |
gender=Female |
hometown=[[Survival Area]] |
region=[[Sinnoh]] |
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trainerclass=[[Pokémon Trainer]], [[Gym Leader]]. |
game=no |
leader=yes |
gym=[] |
type=[[Electric (type)|Electric]] |
badge=ChiPaChi Badge |
team=no |
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Pachirisulover12 (Japanese,'''パチリスズキ12''') joined this website on 12/1/07. As you can see from my name, I love Pachirisu! But who owns a Pachirisu? Yeah, SHE'S my favorite trainer.
'''[[Pachirisu (Pokémon)|<span style="color:#FFD700">パチリス</span>]][[User:Pachirisulover12|<span style="color:#FFA500">の恋人</span>]][[User talk:Pachirisulover12|<span style="color:#E49B0F">12</span>]]'''
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(It's true. I could kick your a$$ anyday.)
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(I know, I know... Yell at me later)
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! [[Trainer]] !! [[Trainer ID number|ID No.]] !! [[Pokédex]] !! [[Hall of Fame]] !! Friend Code
| align="center" | [[Image:Hikari.png]]<br>[[Player character|Dawn]]
| align="center" | 41998
| align="center" | 270 seen <br>129 caught
| align="center" | Dec. 23, 2007<br>18:11 PM<br>
| align="center" | 1590 2399 5591
Image:May Dawn.jpg|Adorable!!
Image:DawnMaid.jpg|Wow... is Ash [[PearlShipping|looking]] at her again? XD
Image:Manaphy 2.jpg|[[User:Espeon360|Espeon360]]'s charity.
Image:ShinjiSideshot.jpg|It's a picture I actually LIKE. Impressive.
Image:Nando.JPG|I seriously think I'm in love. He's just so amazing....
Image:ShayminCoro08.png|Shaymin definitely has my vote for THE CUTEST POKÉMON EVER!!!!!!!!!
Image:Hitomi1.PNG|This is SOOO me!
Image:Manga1.PNG|This would be my boyfriend.
This is my Original Team.
AIM: Pachigirl12
E-mail: [[Special:EmailUser/Pachirisulover12|You can either read the toolbox on your left, or click here.]]