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| style="background: #{{water color}}; color: #006;" | This user is a '''[[wp:Pisces (astrology)|<span style=" color:#003;">Pisces</span>]]'''.
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Not much to talk about my personal life, I have been a [[PokéFan]] ever since 1999, 10 years of cherishment. But I don't only like Pokémon, I also like other stuff. My favourite Pokémon out of the 21 [[User:Force Fire#Favourite Pokémon|under there]] is Charizard.
I have been absence during July-August 2008 and Feb-March 2009, But the latter is pending as I have scholschool, and first term doesn't finish until 10th of April. So I May or Maynot stay Permanently.
That's all..I guess.