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Aside from graves, the tower is home to wild {{p|Cubone}} as well as many {{type2|Ghost}} Pokémon. In [[Generation I]] and [[Generation III]], [[Team Rocket]] tried to steal the Cubone to sell their valuable skulls. In the process, a mother {{p|Marowak}} that was protecting her Cubone child was killed. [[Literal ghost|The ghost]] of the mother Marowak haunted the tower until {{ga|Red}}/{{ga|Leaf}} was able to knock it out, setting her spirit free. The Marowak that appears here cannot be caught, even if a [[Poké Ball|Master Ball]] is used. [[Mr. Fuji]] attempted to confront the poachers, but ended up being taken hostage himself and required the help of the main character to be released. As a show of gratitude, Mr. Fuji gives the main character the [[Poké Flute]].
The Ghost-type Pokémon in the tower appear to have a unique ability to disguise themselves as the ghosts of humans. However, a [[Silph Scope]] will reveal their true natures and identity, allowing the Pokémon to be engaged in battle. Any Pokémon who attempts to fight ghosts without a silph scope will be "too scared to move." Even [[Mewtwo]], in all his powerful and utterly ruthless glory, will be too scared to move without a Silph Scope.
A special spot on the fifth floor has been made into a wild Pokémon-free healing area. In the original games, the Channeler next to it makes a reference to white magic about it. This was edited out in the later games.