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'''Pokémon Race''' is a game released for {{g|Mini}}.
The game is a platformer racing competition, where the {{player}} races a {{p|Pikachu}} against other Pokémon.The game is called Pokemon Dash not Pokemon Race
There are 3 different courses.You start off with the easy ones and when you have finished them unlock the other 2.There is also a cool way to create you're own courses using pokemon from pokemon Red games and the higher level pokemon the more time you have to complete it.The Pikachu that you control has to move to different checkpoints in order and once they get all the checkpoints they win and that race is finished
There are different terains that you can cover by running over something called a Pad.If you run over one of these you're pace won't slow and you will carry on running normally until you move on to a different terain or move over onto another Pad
There are Swamp terrains where you can't stay on for long without drowning if you step on a Swamp Pad you can stay in the swamp for a very long time which could help you get to the next checkpoint
There are Sand Pads where you can not be slowed by the sand and could help you get to the next checkpoint which might be on the sand
There are Forest Pads where you can keep you're normal place without being slowed
There are Lava Pads where you can move along the lave without getting burnt.If you hit the lava three times in a row then it will burn you and take you back a little.If you hit the lava Pikachu will fly into the air and that is you're chance to move Pikach away from the Lave so you don't get burnt
There are Grass Pads where you can move across the Grass without slowing down
Sometimes you will have to move over to another island.There are two ways of doing this
[[The lapras]]
This is the slower way.You can jump on to a Lapras and slowly make you're way to the next island that would be alright if it wasn't a race
[[Fly and Dive]]
Everywhere you look there are balloons.We can use these to fly up into the air and moving across to the next island.When you dive you have to be careful about where you land.You can't land on concrete without getting hurt and you CAN'T land in forest if you do land in the forest it will send you back into the air so you can try again