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Character: example disguise
[[Image:James-woodo.png|left|thumb|220px|James makes like a tree]]
The only child of millionaires, James was forced to endure formal society. At a young age, he was forcefully engaged to a girl of whom he was terrified, [[Jessiebelle]], all because [[James' parents|his parents]] wanted to have a wealthy daughter-in-law. Thus, he ran away from home, leaving behind his beloved pet [[Growlie]]. He attempted to enroll in [[Pokémon Tech]], a trainer's school, but, along with his new friend [[Jessie]], flunked out. Then, with Jessie, he joined the [[Sunny Town]] bicycle gang, where he was popular for being the only gang member to have to use training wheels (nicknamed "Trainer Jim"). Eventually James, Jessie, and the bike gang went their separate ways.
James has a tendency to be swindled by a [[Magikarp Salesman]], who has on many occasions tricked him into buying a Magikarp or other useless Pokémon and items for large sums of money.
James also has a [[List of Team Rocket's disguises|tendency to cross-dress]], but has not done it since ''[[AG050|Pros and Con Artists]]''. He does, however, dress up like famous celebrities as well, such as [[Professor Oak]], [[Juan]], and [[Norman]]. He also impersonates other non-human objects, including Pokémon, animals, and even bushes and trees.
James loves rare bottle caps and has an impressive collection of them. In the episode ''[[EP184|All That Glitters!]]'' it is revealed that he has "drunk enough soda pop to float an aircraft carrier".