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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[Image:Anime Sinnoh Now.jpg|thumb|right|Title screen from ''[[DP033|All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go]]'']]
''Sinnoh Now'' in the {{pkmn|anime}} is hosted by {{Si|Rhonda}}, and is a news/variety program. Rhonda and the ''Sinnoh Now'' staff have appeared in ''[[DP029|The Champ Twins]]'', ''[[DP033|All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go]]'', ''[[DP036|A Secret Sphere of Influence!]]'', ''[[DP040|Top-Down Training!]]'', ''[[DP044|Mass Hip-Po-Sis]]'', ''[[DP075|Our Cup Runneth Over!]]'', and most recently and in minority, ''[[DP096|Losing Its Lustrous (Part 1)]]''.