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As for the PUSA dub voice changes I honestly think it was a very bad choice to change the actors so very late into the game. Pokémon should have stuck with Veronica, Maddie, Rachel, Eric and the rest of the gang. This is of course just my opinion but let me go further. I have never seen the Mirage special and to be honest from what I have heard I am in no hurry to anymore. I have also tried to give the new voice actors a good chance but they just fail to grab my attention as the 4Kids ones did and even though I do still watch the season (although for how long with the Battle Dimension music I don't know).
More recently I don't know what has come over me. I still support the original voice actors but I think I am going to give my support to the new voice actors now. Sarah and the rest of the gang are doing a great job and it will continue to get better. This is strange for me considering I was fighting against the whole change over thing.
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