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At the GameBoy Tower in {{Eng|Pokémon Stadium}}, when X - x appears, the screen where X - x is will appear purple. X - x's number is #203 and its starting moves are {{m|Skull Bash}}, {{m|Flash}}, {{m|Constrict}} and {{m|Waterfall}}. Its types are Blank and Normal. Although most glitch Pokémon have bizzare, often low, [[base stats]], X - x's base stats are quite high and evenly distributed. In fact, its Attack, Defense, and so on are all around 300 when it is level 100, with HP around 400.
X - x's physiological structure seems to enable it to create come kind of purple fog or haze when it appears in battle.
[[Image:GlitchHabitat.png|thumb|right|[[Glitch Pokémon]]]]
X - x has no specific habitat because it was never programmed to be in a specific area, nor was it ever programmed for the player to find it. Since it only exists in Generation I, it must exist in the [[Kanto]] region. Its habitat is confirmed to exist in any location where a trainer in the Red/Blue/Yellow versions can be escaped from before being seen (see [[Mew glitch]]). Theoretically, it could also exist in some [[Glitch City]]-like location.
==Game data==
===Game locations===
[[Image:XxGlitch.jpg|thumb|right|X - x being encountered using the [[Mew glitch]]]]
*As it learns an HM technique as a starting move, and cannot be traded to any game containing a move deleter, X - x is completely incapable of not knowing {{m|Flash}} (barring the usage of a cheating device).