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! [[Unown_(Spell_of_the_Unown)|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;]]
| style="background: #{{Steel color}}; color: #{{Unknown color}}"| This user's favorite Ball is the '''[[Poké_Ball#In_the_anime_4|<span style="color: #{{Unknown color}}">Crystal Poké Ball</span>''']] from [[Spell of the Unown|the third movie]].
I am '''Abwayax'''.
==Who I Am==
* I am, first and foremost, an (unimportant) member of the Pokémon fandom.
* Pokémon fan since [[Generation I]] (1999 to be exact)
* [[Glitch]] Enthusiast since 2003
** My favorite is [[3TrainerPoké]] ;)
* Pokémon webmaster since 2003
* Pokémon forum administrator since 2004
* Bulbapedian since early 2005
* Owner of [[Glitch City Laboratories]] (which is notable enough for an article, even though I myself am not)
* I am an editor of '''articles'''.
* I am an {{p|Unown}} enthusiast.
* I am a programmer. My specialty is PHP, although I also know Java and a bit of C++ and Perl.
** Fact: I programmed that software that runs my site by scratch (not the forum, although I wrote a forum script too)
* Member of [[User:Missingno. Master/The Order of the Glitch|The Order of the Glitch]], a secret society formed to <s>take over the world</s> increase awareness of [[Glitch Pokémon]] and make them <s>superior</s> equal to official ones in terms of the fandom (NB. I don't consider it a bias)
* Member of [[Bulbapedia:Project GlitchDex|Project GlitchDex]], which serves a somewhat similar purpose to the Order except not really.
==Who I Am Not==
* I am not a [[Pokémon]] ([ neither is Giovanni]).
* <s>I do '''not''' partake in the [[User:Shiny_Noctowl/User_Entertainment_Project|User Entertainment Project]] '''at all'''. I don't go on any sort of ''missions''. I am here to help write an [[Bulbapedia|encyclopedia]]; I can entertain myself elsewhere.</s>
** Huzzah! A [[Bulbapedia:Userspace_policy|userspace policy]]!
* I am not a fan of the [[Pokémon anime|cartoon]], nor have I been since Master Quest.
* I stopped playing the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game|card game]] a while ago, too.
* I am not a hardcore fan. The games are my only area of interest, and even then I haven't completed any [[Pokédex]]es (I suck at being a fan, don't I?)
* I am not someone you want on your bad side.
** I am not, however, an [[Bulbapedia:Administrators|administrator]], and I don't forsee becoming one in the near (or far) future.
* I am not a shipper, nor do I have any crushes on any characters.
* <s>I am not someone who uses 6 colors, a table, and 5 dancing Pokémon Emerald sprites in their signature. My sig consists of two Unown sprites and a code tag. Sigh... I wish others would be as simple.</s>
** ...[[Bulbapedia:Signature_policy|signature policy]]!
* '''Pokémon''': {{p|Unown}} ([[3TrainerPoké]] doesn't count, does it...?)
* '''Characters''': [[Professor Oak]] and [[Cyrus]]
* '''Teams''': [[Team Galactic]] and [[Cipher]]
* '''Games''': [[Pokémon Red and Blue]]
* '''Movie''': [[Spell of the Unown]]
* '''Regions''': [[Sinnoh]] and [[Johto]]
* '''Color''': <font color="green">'''Green'''</font>
* '''Pokémon''': {{p|Glameow}} and {{p|Purugly}} (just can't ''stand'' them...!)
* '''Characters''': [[Ash Ketchum]] as well as those bungling [[Team Rocket]] idiots from the cartoon (the guy, the girl, and that cat).
* '''Teams''': [[Team Aqua]] and [[Team Magma]] (stupid goals, incompetence...)
* '''Games''': [[Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire]]
* '''Movie''': [[Mewtwo Strikes Back]] and [[Mewtwo Returns]] (I don't hate Mewtwo though...!)
* '''Region''': [[Hoenn]]
* '''Color''': None really.