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'''Murray''' (Japanese: '''ミウラ''' ''Miura'') is the [[Club Master]] of the [[Psychic Club]] (Japanese: '''エスパークラブ''' ''Esper Club''). He plays using the Strange Psyshock Deck (Japanese: '''アヤシイねんりきデッキ''' ''Suspicious Confusion Deck'') and gives away the [[Psychic Medal]] to challengers who defeat him. In {{Card GB 2}}, he uses the '''わたされたGRデッキ''' ''Handed Over GR Deck'' and later the '''ちょうエリートデッキ''' ''Super Elite Deck''.
==In Pokémon Card GB==
[[Image:TCG1 Murray.png|thumb|left]]
When the main character first meets him, he'll ignore the main character until main character has 4 master medals.
Defeat him for the [[Psychic Medal]] and two [[Laboratory (GB1)|Laboratory]] booster packs.
===Strange Psyshock Deck===
*22x22× {{TCG|Psychic Energy}}
*4x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Abra|43}}
*3x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Kadabra|32}}
*2x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Alakazam|1}}
*2x {{TCG ID|Jungle|Mr. Mime|6}}
*3x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Chansey|3}}
*3x {{TCG ID|Jungle|Kangaskhan|5}}
*2x {{TCG ID|Jungle|Snorlax|11}}
*2x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Professor Oak|88}}
*2x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Pokémon Center|85}}
*3x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Energy Removal|92}}
*3x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Gust of Wind|93}}
*4x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Scoop Up|78}}
*4x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Switch|95}}
*1x {{TCG ID|Fossil|Gambler|60}}
==In Pokémon Card GB2==
===Handed Over GR Deck===
===Super Elite Deck===
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