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Energy Search (Fossil 59)

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{{TrainercardInfobox |
| cardname = Energy Search |
| jname = エネルギー転送 |
| jtrans = Energy Transfer |
| image = MajesticDawn90EnergySearch.jpg |
| caption = Card as of {{TCG|Majestic Dawn}} variant<br>Illus. [[Ryo Ueda]] |
| class =Trainer |Trainer
| subclass = Trainer
{{TrainercardInfobox/Expansion|class=Trainer| expansion = {{TCG|Expedition Base SetFossil}} | rarity = {{rar|Common}} | cardno =153 59/16562 |}}
{{TrainercardInfobox/Expansion|class=Trainer|expansion={{TCG|EX Ruby & Sapphire}}|rarity={{rar|Common}}|cardno=90/109}}
{{TrainercardInfobox/Expansion|class=Trainer| expansion = {{TCG|EXExpedition UnseenBase ForcesSet}} | rarity = {{rar|Common}} | cardno =94 153/115165 |}}
{{TrainercardInfobox/Expansion|class=Trainer|expansion={{TCG|EX Crystal Guardians}}|rarity={{rar|Common}}|cardno=86/100}}
{{TrainercardInfobox/Expansion|class=Trainer| expansion = {{TCG|DiamondEX Ruby & PearlSapphire}} | rarity = {{rar|Common}} | cardno =117 90/130109 |}}
{{TrainercardInfobox/Expansion|class=Trainer|expansion={{TCG|Majestic Dawn}}|rarity={{rar|Common}}|cardno=90/100}}
| expansion = {{TrainercardInfobox/ExpansionTCG|class=TrainerEX Unseen Forces}} |gbset rarity = {{GBrar|1|EvolutionCommon}} |gbid cardno =B47 94/115 |}}
{{TrainercardInfobox/Expansion|class=Trainer|gb2set={{GB|2|Beginning Pokémon}}|gb2id=A53}}
| expansion = {{TrainercardInfoboxTCG|EX Crystal Guardians}} | rarity = {{rar|Common}} | cardno = 86/Footer100 |}}
| expansion = {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}} | rarity = {{rar|Common}} | cardno = 117/130 |}}
| expansion = {{TCG|Majestic Dawn}} | rarity = {{rar|Common}} | cardno = 90/100 |}}
| gbset = {{GB|1|Evolution}} | gbid = B47 | gb2set = {{GB|2|Beginning Pokémon}} | gb2id = A53
'''Energy Search''' (Japanese: '''エネルギー転送''' ''Energy Transfer'') is a [[Trainer ({{TCG)|Trainer]] card}}. It is partdebuted ofin the {{TCG|Fossil}} setexpansion.
==Card text (Fossil print)==
{{Trainer Text
| effect = Search your deck for a basic Energy card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.
==Card text (Expedition Base Set print)==
{{Trainer Text
| effect = Search your deck for a basic Energy card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.
==Release information==
ThisEnergy cardSearch wasis reprintedone inof the {{TCG|Expeditionmost Basecommonly-reprinted Set}},cards {{TCG|EXin Rubythe &Trading Sapphire}}Card Game, {{TCG|EXappearing Unseenthus Forces}},far {{TCG|EXin Crystalseven Guardians}},expansions and {{TCG|Diamondtwo &Trainer Pearl}} sets, all with different art by [[Kai Ishikawa]], then againKits in the {{TCG|Majestic Dawn}} set with a new artwork byEnglish-language [[Ryoreleases Ueda]]alone. In Expedition added another clause toJapan, the card, "showis it to your opponent", after the word "card"included in thealmost firstevery sentence.entry pack, Allhalf printsdeck sinceand havedeck usedkit thereleased revisedalongside wordingexpansions.
In English, the card has been reprinted in {{TCG|Expedition Base Set}}, {{TCG|EX Ruby & Sapphire}}, {{TCG|EX Trainer Kit}}, {{TCG|EX Unseen Forces}}, {{TCG|EX Trainer Kit 2}}, {{TCG|EX Crystal Guardians}}, {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}} and {{TCG|Majestic Dawn}}. The original {{TCG|Fossil}} print of the card included artwork by [[Keiji Kinebuchi]]. The reprints from Expedition Base Set through to Diamond & Pearl include artwork by [[Kai Ishikawa]] and the {{TCG|Majestic Dawn}} reprint includes artwork by [[Ryo Ueda]].
Even though the Expedition Base Set print reworded the card text slightly by adding a new clause, no reference is required when using the Fossil print of the card.
<center><gallery perrow="3">
Image:Fossil59EnergySearch.jpg|{{TCG|Fossil}} print<br>Illus. [[Keiji Kinebuchi]]
Image:Energysearch117.jpg|{{TCG|DiamondEX Ruby & PearlSapphire}} print<br>Illus. [[Kai Ishikawa]]
Image:MajesticDawn90EnergySearch.jpg|{{TCG|Majestic Dawn}} print</gallerybr>Illus. [[Ryo Ueda]]
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