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She firmly believes that she sucks beyond suck at the card game, yet somehow managed to win the Hidden Legends and FireRed/LeafGreen prerelease tournaments.
Her favorite Pokémon is {{p|Vileplume}}, althoughand shewished alsofor lovesyears {{p|Oddish}},for {{p|Jigglypuff}},a {{p|Torchic}},parrot {{p|Pidgeot}},pokémon {{p|Wailord}},before andthe creation of {{p|LudicoloChatot}}. She(happy wishesnow thereeveryone? wouldThat's bewhat ashe Parrotgets Pokémon,for andnot logging into her account hassince fan-madebefore oneDPP namedcame Makawout)).
Her favorite card, aside from the unplayable Jirarudan promo, is currently Vileplume EX, followed by Hidden Legends Masquerain, although she expects the Deoxys "Happy Dance" Ludicolo to jump up once she makes a deck for it.
Blackjack is a major [[Team Rocket]] fan, and wishes to circulate that [[Kaede]] is one of the most awesome agents ever. She would also like to see the fandom give more love to the supporting Rockets (and stop hatin' on Bishasu[[Vicious]]--he may be traitorous scum, but it makes for good ficcage!). Of late, however, she's gained a passion for [[Team Galactic]], although admits that even [[Cyrus]]'s awesome isn't enough to make her convert from Kefkaism (because she was a Final Fantasy fan before Pokémon ever hit American shores).