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*As of this episode, {{p|Infernape}} is the only member of the Sinnoh starter families who has yet to make a debut in the anime.
*Interestingly, while Ash's badge case has all 8 places shaped ready for the badges he will eventually receive, Jun's badge case has at least one space different as he has a badge that is not present in the games, which shows that there are at least two types of badge cases.
*{{wp|Jazz}} -like music is used as a theme for Jun.
*This is only the third time that {{AP|Gliscor}} has had a formal battle and second since it has evolved. The first two were in ''[[DP081|Chim - Charred!]]'' and ''[[DP085|Fighting Fear With Fear!]]''.
* [[Professor Oak's lecture]]: {{p|Electrode}}