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Misty's Togetic

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Fandom criticisms: Then neither should this. Am I right Sketch?
==Fandom criticisms==
Amongst many fans, Misty's obtaining Togepi is considered the moment when her personality "[[wp:Jumping the shark|jumped the shark]]", and started to become drastically different. Prior to Togepi's introduction, Misty was known for being angry, active, and prone to fits of competitive spirit and rage. After she began to raise Togepi, her personality became significantly subdued as her character revolved more and more around the little Pokémon's wellbeing, leaving her little time for anything else.
Whether this drastic shift in character was caused in itself by Togepi or rather a writer's block by the producers over what to do with Misty in the [[Generation II]] series is unknown, but websites and organizations such as [[Pokemopolis]] will often point to her acquisition of the little creature as the sign of a sudden shift of much of Misty's character.
A running joke on the Pokemopolis website is that Misty's Togepi was a creature from another dimension who wanted to take over the world and fed off of Misty's happiness. Bizarrely enough, much of that joke turned out to be (technically) true in the Mirage Kingdom mini-arc.
==Moves used==