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Legendary Collection TCG Series merchandise

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*{{TCG|Secret Wonders}} booster pack (×1)
*{{TCG|Majestic Dawn}} booster pack (×1)
==Spring 2009 Collector's Tins==
Officially known as the ''2009 Pokémon TCG: Spring Collector's Tins'', these tins, rather than including cards based entirely on an expansion, are instead based on the three main Legendary Pokémon featured in [[Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]: Dialga, Giratina Origin Forme and Shaymin Sky Forme. All three cards are reprints; however, only the included Dialga LV.X reprint has been released in Japan. Both Giratina LV.X and Shaymin LV.X are to be included in {{TCG|Platinum}}.
'''Promo cards:'''
*Dialga LV.X
*Giratina LV.X
*Shaymin LV.X