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'''AltoShipping''' is the belief that [[Ash Ketchum]] and [[Latias (anime){{an|Latias]]}} are a couple. It comes from the movie, [[Pokémon Heroes]], and is named after its setting, [[Alto Mare]]. While not a very popular ship, AltoShipping does have a dedicated following. However, some Ash xand [[Bianca]] supporters howeveralso choose to use this name for their shipShip instead, though officially, the proper name for the couple of Ash and Bianca is '''MareShipping'''.
==Hints Between Ash and Latias==
[[Image:Pokemon Movie 5 - Mizu no Miyako no Mamori Gami Ratiasu to Ratiosu.jpg|right|thumb|Ash and Latias]]
The following are hints which some AltoShippers believe supports the idea of Ash and Latias a couple. None of these points have been proven by [[Pokémon]], so none of these hints are conclusive.
*In the scene when Latias is attacked by {{mov|Annie}} and [[Oakley]], Ash camecomes without his friends [[Brock]] and [[Misty]], in which(as he would usually bring them along,) to help Latias and protect her. Ash soon helps Latias escape from Annie and Oakley's Pokémon.
*When Ash enters the Secret Garden, he meets Latias there in a human formguise, which looksis identical to Bianca. Then, suddenly, Ash is attacked by {{p|Latios}}, Latias's brother. Latios is about to deliver the final blow when Latias runs out and protects Ash from being attacked any further.
*In the part of the movie where Latias looks for help, since Annie and Oakley have captured Latios, she specifically goes to Ash, not anyone else. She even turnsslips tointo her human selfguise and hugs Ash, and cries on him when she asks for his help.
*When Latias grabs Ash's hat, Ash does not get mad at Latias, but rather just chasechases her playfully around to try and get it back, unlike the [[EP025|episode in the series]] where a [[Ash's Primeape|Mankey]] stole Ash's hat and severely ticked him off.
*When Ash is attacked by the {{p|Aerodactyl}}, he jumps off his water vehicle and lands underwater. Meanwhile, Latias checks Ash to make sure he is safe.
*At the end of the movie when Ash is about to leave, Latias runs up to Ash and kisses Ash on the cheek. While the possibility of it being Bianca is noted, the fact that she does not speak and is not wearing the white headband means that Latias is the more likely of the two.
*When [[Lorenzo]] stops Ash from being attacked from Latios, Lorenzo said that Latias must have taken a liking to Ash.
==Hints Between Ash and Bianca==
AltoShipping is also sometimesuncommonly knownreferred to as the relationship between Ash and Bianca, though noted above, it's official name is ''MareShipping''. There are manysome factors contributing to the belief of this pairing (Ash x Bianca is officially known as ''MareShipping'').
*When Ash wasis handed the picture of him and Pikachu, it wasis likely by Bianca, because it's is unusual for anyone to give away someone else's art. Plus,It itis couldn'talso haveunknown beenif Latias's pictureis even capable of drawing, sincefor Latiascanon can'tdoes talknot orsupport draw.the possibility.
*Bianca's hat wasis left on the easel, so there's no true evidence that it was Latias who kissedkisses Ash.
*When Ash sawsees Bianca and Lorenzo in trouble, Ash saidcries, "Bianca! And Lorenzo." Notice that he saidsays Bianca's name first and with more enthusiasm, showing that he cares about her.
*Ash alwaysinitiall thoughtthinks it wasis Bianca first when Latias approached him, even after he knew Latias often took her form. In other words, he was in a way looking forward to Bianca being there more often.
*Not long after Ash wasis kissed and his "lover" ranruns off, Latias wasis seen flying high in the sky, while Bianca wasis still by the water, seen painting.