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Niniku Berry

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bnum=54 |
snum=--- |
name=Niniku Berry |
imagejname=Niniku.png ニニク|
jnametmname= ニニクのみNiniku |
tmnamelengthcm=15.3 Niniku Berry|
size=156.3 cm0 |
firm=Hard |
treeimage=Tree_unknown.gif |
spicy=No-3 |
dry=Yes+3 |
sweet=No-3 |
bitter=Yes+3 |
sour=No0 |
'''Niniku Berry''' is a [[Berry]] introduced in [[Generation III]]. It could only be acquired by scanning in the correct Japan-exclusive [[e-Reader]] card in [[Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire]], and cannot be transferred forward to [[Generation IV]].