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note: that bit of trivia I deleted was totally irrelevant.
(note: that bit of trivia I deleted was totally irrelevant.)
''''M''' is a [[Glitch Pokémon]] found in the [[Pokémon]] [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions|Red and Blue]] [[Game Boy]] games, much like [[Missingno.]]. It is most commonly called "'M", since the apostrophe and capital letter M are the only typographical characters in its name - "▄█ <code>'M</code> ▓▒" is difficult, if not impossible, to produce with a computer. It is also called "'M Block" becausedue ofto either the glitchy blocks next to its name or the Pokémon's boxy shape. 'M and other glitch Pokémon appear in the games due to a programming oversight.
The encounter flag for Missingno. and 'M is the highest bit of the 6th item quantity; therefore, encountering Missingno. or 'M causes the player to get 128 more of the 6th item of their bag if they have less than 128 to start. Also, if the player has [[Hall of Fame]] data, encountering 'M. corrupts it. Aside from that, 'M does not have a real ability; in [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions|Pokémon Red and Blue]] abilities did not exist yet.
'M, like most forms of [[Missingno.]], appears as a mass of pixels in a backwards 'L' shape. Its icon in the Pokémon menu is also glitched, often appearing as a pixelated Surfing icon or a black blob (it changes based on the player's location). When used in [[Pokémon Stadium (English)|Pokémon Stadium]], it looks like a {{m|Substitute}} doll.
Also like [[Missingno.]], 'M is often of the type Bird/Normal, knows {{m|Sky Attack}} and two {{m|Water Gun}}s, has the ID number #000, does not appear in the Pokédex, and is found through the same glitches as Missingno. is. However, it is ''not'' the same Pokémon. 'M and the different versions of Missingno are located in different memory slots; also, 'M has a different cry, and it learns {{m|Pound}} at level 138.
The blocks in 'M's name depend on which sprite is occupying the spot where the player's Pokémon appears. In battle, the block on the left of its name will copy part of the sprite in the bottom-left corner of the screen (the player's Pokémon), while the block on the right will copy part of the sprite in the upper-right corner of the screen (the opponent's Pokémon). Out of battle, the blocks in its name will change depending on the player's location.
When the player captures an 'M, the battle will continue with no enemy sprite visable. Capturing "'M" again will result in capturing a {{p|Ditto}}; why this happens is unknown.
The coasts where 'M may be found are used for other cheats as well. If the player {{m|Surf}}s along the coasts after leaving an area where certain wild Pokémon appear, those Pokémon will continue to appear by the coast, even if they are not water-dwelling Pokémon. This is because Surfing along the coasts does not overwrite the data for which wild Pokémon are available, and if the player's name has not been stored in that area through one of the procedures above, the previous wild Pokémon will appear. (see reference 4) This glitch can be used to fight Pokémon from the Safari Zone in a normal battle.
Another advantage of the 'M is its ability to evolve into {{p|Kangaskhan}}. TMs and HMs taught to 'M will carry over when it evolves to Kangaskhan, enabling a Kangaskhan to have moves it wouldn't ordinarily be able to learn, likesuch as {{m|Fly}}.
==Charizard 'M==
*'M's sprite, movepool, and stats are identical to [[Missingno.]]'s, but with two move differences: Missingno. cannot learn {{m|Pound}}, and 'M is incompatible with {{TM|50|Substitute}}. Interestingly enough, its image in Pokémon Stadium is the same as that of a Substitute.
*'M's cry is almost exactly identical to that of {{p|Zapdos}}.
*'M is twice as large as Missingno., but not nearly as heavy.