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"'''Two Perfect Girls'''" is one of the songs played in the [[Pokémon Karaokémon]] segment of the English dub (and is also present in other dubs that aresome re-dubs of the 4Kids English version), which replaced Pikachu's Jukebox sometime induring the Johto storyline. It is sung by [[Brock]]'s voice actor, [[Eric Stuart]], and it is a love song about [[Officer Jenny]] and [[Nurse Joy]]. The full version of this song can be found on the [[Totally Pokémon]] CD.
Two Perfect Girls is unique in that the shortened version which plays in Pokémon Karaokémon is a different style than the full version. The shortened version has a {{wp|Swung note|swing beat}}, whereas the full version does not. Also, the shorter version has a {{wp|big band}} playing the music, whereas the full version is played with a mix of {{wp|guitar}}s, {{wp|piano}}, {{wp|baritone saxophone}}, {{wp|alto saxophone}}, and {{wp|Drum kit|percussion}}.