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'''Manual of Nice'''
better known as
'''''Bulbapedia's code of conduct''''
The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to outline, specifically, acceptable behavior when users interact with each other. It is not the [[BP:MoS|Manual of Style]], and does not pretend to tell you how to edit pages. This doesn't even deal with edit wars specifically (which are bad, and against the rules, but not a violation of the code of conduct.) The Code of Conduct governs interaction between users on every aspect of Bulbapedia: the main space, the Shipping space, the userspace, and every other space there is.
===The Code of Conduct in two words===
Play nice.
==Main Space Interaction==
There are hundreds and hundreds of edits made to the main space every day. Most of them aren't conflicting, everyone humming along and improving Bulbapedia at their own pace. Sometimes, however, users come into conflict over specific phrases, pictures, templates, or other aspects of the Wiki.
On regular pages, if you think somebody's wrong about a fact, and they don't think they're wrong, an edit war can ensue. While that is going on, '''do''' try to talk it out politely on the talk pages. Outline why you think they're wrong--factually, not stylistically--and expect them to do the same for you. Call in an arbitration. '''Do not''' insult them, demean them, or otherwise bash them in order to prove your point. It doesn't improve your image in the community and won't win you any points in the argument.
If you disagree with someone stylistically--for instance, if you think a template or picture is wrong, or a bad choice, talk to the creator or post on that template's talk page before making changes. Be nice about it--point out the specific deficiencies, and why your idea provides a more effective solution. Don't degrade their work--remember, they worked hard on it. Remember, too, that ideas have inertia, and it may take someone a little while to leave their design and come around to yours. Be patient, understanding, and, again, kind when dealing with another user. It may slow the process of change down a little bit, but the changes will be more pleasant to everyone.
==User Space Interaction==
===Writing on talk pages in four words===
Not nice, don't say.
===Writing on talk pages in three paragraphs===
It sounds really simple, but if you just make an effort to be nice or be quiet, that will help a lot.